Research Projects

Design and Demonstration of 6.5kV SiC based Medium Voltage Shunt Active Power Filter (MV-SAPF) (24-05)
High Performance Half-Bridge Module Structure for 1.2-kV Ga2O3 MOSFET (24-03)
120kVA Three-Phase Grid-tied Inverter with Active Controlled Parallel SiC MOSFETs (24-01)
Development of GaN based Compact Scalable Multilevel Inverter Building Block (23-07)
Phasor Measurement Unit Based Methods for Implementing Dynamic Line Rating Capabilities for Inverter (23-06)
Investigating the Reliability and Resiliency Benefits of Smart Monitoring for Renewables-rich Transmission & Distribution Systems (23-05)
Modeling and Design of Clean-Power Inverter Based Resources (23-04)
IBR Transient Response Improvements to Transmission Faults (23-03)
Compact, GaN Based, 25kW 480VAC Bidirectional Inverter (23-02)
Novel Electrical Insulators and Partial Discharge Detection Techniques for Resilient Medium Voltage Distribution Systems (23-01)
Short-term, Operational Reliability Evaluation of HVDC/MVDC Networks Considering Real-time Influence of Power Electronics (22-03)
Development and Applications of Fine-grained Digital Twins for Power Electronic Modules (22-02)
Design and Demonstration of A GRID-Connected Modular All-SiC Transformerless Energy Router (GRID-MASTER) (22-01)
High Voltage SiC MOSFET Power Module with Optimized Electric Field Distribution and EMI Performance (21-04)
Resilient MVDC and MVAC/MVDC Distribution Systems (21-02)
Active Gate Driving for Paralleled High Voltage SiC MOSFET Power Modules (21-06)
Distributed Energy Resource Management System for Residential Systems (GR-20-08)
Novel Back-to-Back Converter Configuration for Hybrid AC Transmission with Multi-Terminal DC Operation (GR-20-07)
A Single-Stage 99% Efficient All-SiC Medium Voltage DC Transformer (GR-20-04)
Output Impedance Shaping of Grid-Tied Inverters (GR-20-03)
High Power Medium Frequency and Medium Voltage Dual Active Bridge (GR-20-02)
Energy Storage for Increasing Solar PV Capacity and Improving Voltage Dynamics in Distribution Systems (GR-20-01)
A Grid-Integrable Medium-Voltage Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker (GR-19-08)
Ultrafast Charging-Development of a compact Direct Medium Voltage Battery Charger (GR-19-02)
Optimization of Power Modules with Paralleled Devices (GR-19-01)
Medium Voltage Solid State Circuit Breaker (GR-18-08)
Power Dense, Grid Compatible Extreme Fast Charging Stations (GR-18-07)
Analysis, Visualization, and Mitigation of Cyber Risks in Grid-connected Power Electronic Systems (GR-18-06)
Power Electronics Controls-Battery life Extension Method (GR-18-05)
Distributed Energy Resources-Highly Efficient and Compact Medium Voltage Solar PV Inverter (GR-18-03)
Methods for Achieving >75% Instantaneous Inverter-Based Generation Capacity in Transmission Systems (GR-18-02)
High Voltage Encapsulations and Their Applications in Power Modules (GR-18-01)
Multi-Port Solid State Transformer Design and Implementation for Microgrids and Distribution Systems (GR-17-11)
Decentralized Energy Management and Robust Decisions for Networked Microgrids (GR-17-14)
Extensive Comparative Study on High Power Inverters Using Various Switching Devices (GR-17-12)
A Testbed for Distributed Autonomous Control Concepts for High-Power Microgrids (GR-17-10)
Fault Detection and Management Needs Development Protective Relaying Methods for Microgrids (GR-17-02)
SiC-Based Direct Power Electronics Interface for Battery Energy Storage System (GR-17-03)
Optimized Gate Drivers for High Voltage Power Devices (GR-17-04)
Coordinated Optimal Voltage Regulation for the Next-Generation Distribution Grids (GR-17-08)
High Step-Up/Down Transformerless Modular-Multilevel DC-DC Converter (GR-16-02)
A High Power Real-time Photovoltaic Source Simulator (GR-16-04)
Distributed Power Quality Improvement using Power Electronics and Digital Signal Processing (GR-16-03)
Multi-Port Bi-Directional Resonant Solid State Transformer (GR-16-06)
Fault Protection and Coordination in a DC Community Microgrid (GR-16-05)
Physics-based Analytical and Compact Modeling of GaN Power Devices for Advanced Power Electronics (NSF-15-06)
Reducing Short-Circuit Current Levels using Fast-Acting Solid-State Fault (GR-15-02)
Optimization & Reliability Studies of Power Electronic Modules (GR-15-01)
PMU Role in Evaluating PV Generation Impact on Transmission Grid (GR-15-05)
Mobile Power Substations (GR-15-03)
DC Circuit Protection (GR-14-06)
Future Hybrid Microgrids (GR-14-08)
PV Inverter Control to Sustain High Quality of Service (GR-14-05)
Compensation Methods for Non-Periodic Currents (GR-14-04)
Reliability of Grid-Connected Power Electronics (14-03)
Transmission Planning Improvements with Probabilistic Convex PCH Models (GR-14-01)
GPS-Based “Smart” Electronic Recloser (GR-12-01)
Phase Balancer Project (GR-13-01)
Green Power Node Long-term Online Model-Based Parametric Study (GR-13-04)
Optical Isolation for Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Systems (GR-13-08)
Correcting Current Imbalances in Three-Phase Feeders (GR-13-07)
Solid Modular State Transformers (GR-13-06)
Smart Green Power Node Prototype Build (GR-13-05)
Transient Stability Improvements in Wind Farms Using Power Electronic and FACTS Devices (GR-13-02)
Modular Multilevel Converter for Transmission-Level Battery Storage (GR-11-04)
Industrial Extension of Green Power Node (GR-11-02)
Hybrid (GR-11-01)
Dense Power Electronics Interfaces for Distributed Generation (GR-11-03)
Flexible Research Control Platform for Grid-connected Converters (GR-10-10)
Power Module Layout Synthesis Tool (GR-10-11)
Assessment of Rapid Voltage Collapse Induced by Power Electronics (GR-10-09)
Power Module Packaging (GR-10-01)
Smart Green Power Node (SGPN) Electronics (GR-10-02)
Hybrid Microgrid (GR-10-05)
Power System State Estimation Using Power Converter Front-Ends (GR-10-03)
GaN Optical Isolation for Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Systems (GR-10-07)
Impact of Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Sources on Power Quality (GR-10-06)

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