Industrial Extension of Green Power Node (GR-11-02)

Industrial Extension of Green Power Node (GR-11-02)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Roger Dougal

Like the residential SGPN, custom installations are currently needed for customer connections of energy resources such as PV, an energy storage system, the electric grid, and traditionally-fueled generation. This project worked to develop the tools needed to build a direct, off-the-shelf power solution that would simplify the deployment of an industrial-sized SGPN. Methods were developed to extend power management concepts developed in the SGPN project to the industrial and commercial scale, including a mix of utility-owned and customer-owned power resources. It developed a means for managing local smart grids and local distributed energy resources to maximize the value of both on-site and grid-supplied power. This work integrated with research in control of distributed energy resources to ensure that the necessary control functions and islanding mode algorithms are supported, with a particular emphasis placed on smooth transitions between modes.


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July 1, 2011

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