Active Gate Driving for Paralleled High Voltage SiC MOSFET Power Modules (21-06)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alan Mantooth

This project aims at developing an active gate driver for paralleled high voltage SiC MOSFET power modules. The project builds off of two previous projects, Optimized Gate Drivers for High-Voltage Power Devices and Intelligent Active Gate Drivers for Optimization of Power Modules with Paralleled Devices. In the previous projects, active gate driving solutions have been proposed for high voltage SiC MOSFET power modules to mitigate EMI noise and unbalanced currents in paralleled discrete power devices. The main focus of this project is to develop a highly compact, simple, and effective active gate driver that combines both high voltage SiC MOSFET operation and paralleled modules.


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December 22, 2020

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