Optimization of Power Modules with Paralleled Devices (GR-19-01)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alan Mantooth

This project focuses on the gate driving capability of power modules with paralleled devices. The primary objective is to better ensure current sharing capabilities of wide bandgap devices that are inherently not as well-matched as many silicon devices. Further, the project will investigate the paralleling of hybrid switching positions (i.e., a silicon IGBT in parallel with a SiC MOSFET). The project that preceded this one focused on a 10 kV active gate driver. That project produced a unique gate driver technology capable of helping control EMI through dv/dt and di/dt control with variable voltage gate drive signaling. It also produced two graduates. This project builds on that work by further using gate drive programmability to adjust gate drive signals for current sharing.


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July 23, 2019

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