Assessment of Rapid Voltage Collapse Induced by Power Electronics (GR-10-09)

Assessment of Rapid Voltage Collapse Induced by Power Electronics (GR-10-09)
Principal Investigators: Dr. Charles Brice, Dr. Yong-June Shin

Transmission-level power system studies invariably include power-flow analysis for the purposes of ensuring that line and transformer ratings are adequate and to assess the probability of voltage collapse. These power-flow studies are used in transmission planning and in operation of the bulk power system (on-line power flow). Load models are essential, especially if the study concerns voltage collapse. Increasing power electronic front ends (e.g., motor drives) with high control bandwidths may make existing load models inadequate, decreasing situational awareness for operators. In particular, if the load is modeled too simplistically, the model may have drastically different response to a change in the voltage than does the actual load. This project proposes that time-synchronized data acquired by phasor measurement units (PMUs) in conjunction with advanced signal processing techniques ensures that accurate time-varying load models are available for use in voltage stability studies.


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July 1, 2010

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