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$5k annually

Qualifying businesses receive member benefits at a reduced fee.

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$40k annually

Members receive all benefits of membership listed below.

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Member Benefits

  • Access to cutting-edge research
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Direct input into university research
  • Ability to leverage research investments
  • Access to students through NSF's INTERN program
  • Collaboration with other IAB members
  • Technology transfer
  • Access to Center facilities and university faculty
  • Interaction with graduate students

Membership Details

The benefits of membership in GRAPES to our industry partners are far-reaching, from strategic to logistic to interpersonal.

Members are able to realize a significant amount of leverage on the research dollars they invest in the Research Center, on the order of 17:1. Additionally, since the NSF oversees the Research Center, members are guaranteed that their funds are being used both wisely and resourcefully.

All members have non-exclusive rights to the entire GRAPES research portfolio (under the conditions outlined in the Membership Agreement). Reports, papers, theses, dissertations, and other results of the Research Center’s programs, including those which have commercial value, will be made available free of charge to members in a timely manner (subject to foreign export, confidentiality, or other restrictions that may be imposed by a sponsor).

All members will have the opportunity to directly contribute to GRAPES research and education programs, by serving as industrial mentors and/or thesis committee members, as appropriate and consistent with the policies and procedures of participating universities.

Members will have ongoing interactions with and access to the Research Center, including its faculty, staff, and students, and are encouraged to seek out students as interns and post-graduation hires.

All members will have the opportunity to propose case study problems, specific research problems, and focus areas for research.

Additional benefits may be established by bylaws approved by the Board of Directors.

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