High Step-Up/Down Transformerless Modular-Multilevel DC-DC Converter (GR-16-02)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Roy McCann

This project develops and builds a high step-up/down transformerless dc-dc modular multilevel converter (MMC) that would be applicable to MV distribution-level power systems. The design achieves high voltage ratios for interfacing renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind turbine and line interactive UPS systems. The converter uses an MMC approach operating in resonant mode in order to improve overall efficiency. This topology operates to step-up the input voltage with 1:10 or larger conversion ratio.

As a bidirectional converter, it also provides step-down capability at the same voltage ratio (10:1 or greater). By eliminating the presence of a magnetic core transformer as used in conventional designs, this project provides a small, low-cost, direct, and simple solution for high step-up/down converters while meeting the safety and isolation requirements given by IEC and UL standards.


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January 2, 2016

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