PV Inverter Control to Sustain High Quality of Service (GR-14-05)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrea Benigni

High penetration levels of PV power generation can produce significant undesirable effects on distribution networks. The focus of this project is to define strategies for the planning, control, and coordination of PV plants that take into consideration quality of service requirements. Changes in feeder voltage profiles, including voltage rise and unbalance; change in feeder loading, including potential equipment overloading; frequent operation of voltage-control and regulation devices, line voltage regulators, and capacitor banks; reactive-power flow fluctuation due to operation of switched capacitor banks; overcurrent and overvoltage protection misoperation and change in electric losses and power factors are some of the main consequences that can arise due to high levels of PV power production. This project focuses on aspects that affect voltage quality and the related equipment. For example, one of the expected foci of the project will be on mitigating the negative effect on voltage quality and tap changer transformer of fast ramp rates due to cloud fields.


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January 5, 2014

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