Extensive Comparative Study on High Power Inverters Using Various Switching Devices (GR-17-12)

Principal Investigators: Dr. Rob Cuzner, Dr. Adel Nasiri

Conventional medium voltage inverters with Silicon IGBT have 5-8 kHz switching frequency and hence require extensive filtering at the output to meet the THD requirement of the grid. Newly stablished WBG device technologies offer the same power rating of traditional IGBT with the capability to switch at higher frequencies. High switching frequency improves the inverter output voltage quality and reduces the filter to meet a THD requirement. This research develops the detailed model of classic Silicon IGBT and some Silicon-Carbide MOSFET in Ansys Simplorer and estimates the power loss of IGBT-based and MOSFET-based inverters. It will suggest a higher switching frequency for MOSFET to have a comparable losses of low frequency IGBT. Control system, driver circuit and EMI challenges of SiC MOSFET will be addressed and hence a smaller filter will be suggested. The tasks of the project include derivation of the detailed model of IGBTs and MOSFETs in Ansys Simplorer, loss analysis comparison of IGBT and MOSFET based inverters, optimal filter size and switching frequency determination for a certain power rating, control circuit mitigation from the IGBT to MOSFET, EMI challenges at high switching frequency and how to address them.

Profs. Robert Cuzner and Adel Nasiri at UWM will collaborate to perform this project. Both investigators have worked extensively on inverters and EMI related work and integration of power electronics-based sources. The proposed work will create expertise within GRAPES on SiC devices and design know-how. The developed SiC device model and analysis can also be applied to other systems, e.g. motor drive, energy storage etc. The work will lead to more efficient energy conversion system.

Design flow for EMI filter design optimization over a wide frequency range

Inverter multi-physics design optimization process to maximize power density and efficiency of IGBT and SiC based designs


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July 1, 2017

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