High Performance Half-Bridge Module Structure for 1.2-kV Ga2O3 MOSFET (24-03)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alan Mantooth

In this proposal, an advanced wire bondless, double-sided cooled, half-bridge packaging architecture will be designed and realized for a 1.2-kV Ga2O3 MOSFET. It will provide the research needed to understand the recommended packaging architectures, materials, and fabrication solutions to unleash the best that Ga2O3 semiconductor technology has offered, and to bridge the gap between Ga2O3 devices and their final applications. This can be transferred to industry partners that can then be used in the design of new UWBG-based module or equipment. It will help to further drive down the overall size of power systems allowing more compact designs to be constructed, and eventually would enable substantial reduction in the cost of energy (COE) of electrical energy conversion systems.


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February 16, 2024

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