Future Hybrid Microgrids (GR-14-08)

Principal Investigators: Dr. Alan Mantooth, Dr. Juan Balda

This project includes the design and construction of a hybrid microgrid prototype. A number of voltage source converters will be built to emulate the components of the hybrid microgrid: DC sub-transmission converter, distributed resources, local generators (combined heat and power) and various loads. The small-scale microgrid prototype will be able to test the algorithm for different operating modes: normal AC grid parallel connected mode, transition-to-island mode, island mode, and AC grid reconnection mode. Future projects based on this work could include a full-scale hybrid microgrid test bed being built at the University of Arkansas. Because the hybrid microgrid has a DC sub-transmission port, it is able to connect to future DC grids. The DC line has the ability of bidirectional power flow so that power from distributed resources in different DC microgrids can be distributed and stored in an optimized way. The proposed hybrid microgrid increases the power reliability by adding the DC line without increasing short-circuit current capability.


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January 8, 2014

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