Smart Green Power Node (SGPN) Electronics (GR-10-02)

Smart Green Power Node (SGPN) Electronics (GR-10-02)
Principal Investigators: Dr. Alan Mantooth, Dr. Roger Dougal

This project began with the identification of the business case for a (notionally residential) Smart Green Power Node, the requirements for such a node, and the power electronic circuitry and control and communication methods for it. This project was cooperatively developed between USC and UA. A “Green Power Node” is a communicative power electronic system that manages the flow of power between (mostly DC) on-site power resources such as generation, storage, and loads, while it also provides bidirectional interface to a 240 V single-phase residential grid connection that supports smart grid management. Example power sources that may connect to this system include photovoltaic cells or fuel cells. Example storage systems include batteries (stationary or in a vehicle). Example loads include variable-speed drives in heat pumps, electric vehicles, kitchen appliances and consumer electronics.


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January 1, 2010

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