Power Dense, Grid Compatible Extreme Fast Charging Stations (GR-18-07)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Rob Cuzner

This project investigates development of an architecture for XFC multi-EV (electric vehicle) charging stations providing multiple fast charger interfaces to vehicles with a high power throughput capability (>350kW). The intent is to manage dispatch to vehicles and to minimize the charging time impact of the number vehicles being serviced. The overall approach is to let charging time requirements drive the solution, as opposed to limiting charging time as a result of the solution choice.  The multi-EV charging station interfaces to the medium voltage utility grid through a Solid State Transformer.  If needed to manage cost and performance, an energy buffer stage with hybrid energy storage can be added.  A common DC bus is utilized to supply the charging stations in order to minimize the number of conversion stages. A unique feature of the approach is the use of partial power DC-DC converters at the EV interfaces in order to maximize power throughput to each vehicle and thereby enable much faster charging times when compared to full converter solutions.  The final implementation will require fast isolation Solid State Circuit Breaker plus mechanical switch isolation in order to ensure the safe disconnect in the event of ground faults between EVs.


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January 7, 2018

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