Multi-Port Solid State Transformer Design and Implementation for Microgrids and Distribution Systems (GR-17-11)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Adel Nasiri

Recent developments in the design of power electronic elements with higher voltage and power ratings and medium/high frequency enable the use of solid state transformer at different voltage levels for distribution system. In this project, the concept of a Multi-Port Solid State Transformer (MPSST) is introduced. MPSST enables compact, integrated, and galvanically isolated multi-port node for multiple AC and/or DC for the design of efficient smart distribution system. The developed concept interconnects different voltage types and levels using one compact converter with a centralized control logic. During year one study under GRAPES, simulation model is implemented verifying the outcome of a state space model for the MPSST. A hardware prototype implementation is underway for experimental testing. System testing will be performed at multiple voltage levels. Hardware design involves high frequency transformer design, converter design, heat transfer, and filter design.

The proposed work will create expertise within GRAPES on high power, high voltage, multi-port SST and high frequency magnetics. The tasks of the project includes hardware prototype implementation of a 40kW MPSST, complete implementation and testing of a 480V, 4-port MPSST including converters and transformer, perform hardware evaluation of the concept to migrate to medium voltage using SiC modules, complete studies on application of the proposed system in different distribution systems.

A configuration of a multi-port state transformer connecting four systems of solar PV generation, energy storage, load, and utility grid at one node.


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July 1, 2017

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